Feb 21

Why Most Dealerships are Just Scratching the Surface of Their Potential

The advent of the Internet has brought with it innumerable opportunities for sales and marketing success—but of course, those opportunities must be identified and exploited through careful, integrative marketing strategy. Some businesses are adept at doing just that, but most, frankly, are not, and as such they let these opportunities pass them by.

Mar 07

Why a Mobile Website is So Important for Your Dealership

Good marketing seeks to meet consumers where they are—and in 2018, that means reaching out to those who do most of their online browsing from a mobile device. Over the last few years, Internet access has shifted away from desktops and toward smartphones and tablets, which means any marketing plan that’s going to get results has to encompass outreach to these mobile users, in particular. And that starts with having a responsive website—a site that’s properly sized for easy navigation from a mobile device.

Dec 20

What Auto Dealers Should Expect from Google in 2017

Auto dealers looking to connect with consumers have little choice but to go through Google. Still the unequalled giant of online search, Google stands as the single most popular vehicle for automotive information-gathering. Your consumers are using the search engine to find the car they want for the price they can afford—and it’s imperative that your website be there to greet them.